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Lasso is a digital zine that compiles a selection of my graduate work over a six-month period as I explore “place,” collective practices, and personal tools in the field of graphic design. 


Pod Rotations

August 2021

A proposal to increase collaboration, understanding, and personal development across a remote design team.

Increase collaboration among remote team members by installing small group huddles on regular basis. Conversing in smaller groups can support individuality and friendliness. Setting aside an hour to socialize can give team leaders a stronger understanding of individual workloads, availability, and strengths.

Pods can be organized randomly or by responsibilities according to quarterly projects. Each pod huddle will be stewarded by a senior member. The pods should include a mix of team members by specialty. Huddles should follow a routine cadence to help group members prepare. They can be reassembled with new members after every business quarter. The huddle stewards can determine a shared value system for how they structure these meetings, but should focus primarily on the uniqueness of each individual.

Pod huddles are a way for coworkers to connect with each other. Whether team members are working on projects together or separately, getting together to discuss projects or obstacles can lead to opportunities to collaborate and learn from each other’s skill sets and experiences. For huddle stewards, structuring small groups can increase transparency in communication while learning the personalities and working styles of different people. Design managers should continue to meet with their direct reports on regular basis to address individual needs.

Future Rotations
Every huddle steward should have a different grouping of people in each rotation. Overlaps among members are encouraged. Pod members should be active participants when developing the structure and evolving values of team gatherings.

A quote from Zapatista of Chiapa extracted from Designs for the Pluriverse.